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The management of UIT always focused towards research and development among students and faculty members. One Senior Professor is appointed as a Dean for R&D to take care of performing various activities associated with research and development. A R&D committee is constituted which consists of faculty members not below the level of Associate Professors. This committee supports the Institution directly and indirectly to create an ambience and environment to promote research and development among students and faculty members.

The roles and responsibilities of R&D Cell are

  • To suggest measures for improvement of research and development activities in the organization.
  • To provide expert advice and guidance in motivating faculty members towards engaging in research activities.
  • To help in outlining methods for improving the quality of research and promote inter disciplinary research and developmental activities.
  • To coordinate between the various departments of the Institute and appraise them regarding policy matters.
  • To summarize the research and development information at the Institute level for each academic year.
  • To analyse the research data towards qualitative as well as quantitative assessment
  • To convene periodic meetings to discuss the analysis of data and summarize plan of action suggested by all departments for further improvement.
  • To promote and encourage inter-disciplinary research activities in the Institute.
  • To facilitate coordination with internal committees like IIPC, EDC, etc. for promoting research & development at departmental level. To coordinate funded project proposals from departments for consideration of possible funding in consultation with all members of the cell and as per guidance of advisory member.

The Outcome of the R&D Cell for the past five years are

  1. Two patents Granted (Dr.Saravana Murthy C / R&A and Dr.Gokila D / ECE) and three Patents published.
  2. 65 research papers published in peer reviewed journals indexed in SCI, WoS, UGC Care list journals and so on.
  3. 50 events under Seminars/Workshops organized for the past five years in the topic associated with Research, Technology, IPR, Entrepreneurship development, Product Developments.
  4. 35 MoU’s signed with Industries and academic Institutions.
  5. Endowment funds received and utilized for executing inhouse and Industrial projects.
  6. 2.11 Crores of funds received under Endowment are utilized for executing various in-house projects.
  7. Instrumental in establishing six Incubation centres with the state-of-the-art Infrastructure.


The reason to establish incubation centre is to establish an ecosystem for creation and transfer of knowledge. The existing facilities are used by the faculty members to take up their research activities. An exclusive Research and Development (R&D) Cell has been initialized to motivate the faculty members to do research projects from various funding agencies such as DRDO, DST and AICTE. The main aim of the incubation centre is to conduct research activities among the faculty members and students. The incubation centre gives hands-on training to students to excel in various verticals and provides an opportunity for the students to enhance their knowledge. The centre motivates students to incubate their startups in the campus by offering them in all aspects.


Arduino Programming Development Centre was established in the year 2020 – 2021. Arduino is an open-source hardware/software development community which aids the developers with Electronic Product developments. This lab will inculcate the students from the departments of all the department to undergo training programs based on open-source embedded platforms and they can also be involved in embedded system-based design. Arduino UNO, ATMEGA are the hardware tools populated in this centre with the required interfaces to initiate design and development of electronic products. The product developed in this centre is showcased in National level Smart India Hackathon 2022 event as a finalist and received the awards.


Full stack development centre was established during the academic year 2019 - 2020. The objective of this centre is to develop the ability among students to learn and design complete web applications and websites. The students work as a developer on the front end, back end, database and debugging of web applications or websites. The students are trained to design their own websites. The product developed in this centre is showcased in National level Smart India Hackathon 2022 event as a finalist and received the awards.


V-Script Solutions was established in the year 2018 - 2019. “V-Script Solutions” supports the idea borne from students to create application reporting for Agile methodology and all software development projects. Flexible operation of V-Script enables students to avoid the re-architect of the system. The concept of having a software firm within the campus is well received and appreciated by the students, giving them the real feeling of being inside a software environment.


ATMEL INCUBATION CENTRE was established during the year 2017-2018. ATMEL is a leading Semiconductor manufacturer in the world, manufactures various active and passive electronic devices. The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering has initiated to set up an ATMEL incubation centre to create awareness among students on electronic system design based on ATMEL Products. This incubation centre integrates various hardware tools such as AT89Cxx Microcontroller, ADC, DAC, I/O Interfaces, Serial Interfaces, Motor Control drivers, Display Drivers and so on which are greatly useful for developing Electronic Products. The ATMEL is acquired by Microchip Inc.


ABDUL KALAM RESEARCH CENTRE was established during the year 2016 – 2017. The centre has been started to provide the students with a space to create new product development as per the industrial need and also caters the research activities to be carried under Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). The centre is well received by the students to do their academic project work activities under the guidance of the ARC coordinator. The centre encourages the students to showcase the projects in National level symposiums. Four Students from R&A Department who gained experience on robot design through this centre win the first prize with 1 lakh cash in one of the India’s biggest Robotics competition e-yantra 2024 organized by IIT Bombay, sponsored by Ministry of Education (MOE).


The Department of Computer Science Engineering and Department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science has always taken special efforts and keen interest in the welfare and development of the student’s fraternity. Being in the IT background department, it was necessary for the students to have knowledge on emerging trend in IT. To facilitate this, United Institute of Technology organized the inauguration of Netcon Sponsored Cyber Security Laboratory on 14.09.202. Cyber security is the practice of defending computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks. It's also known as information technology security or electronic information security. The term applies in a variety of contexts, from business to mobile computing.