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Strategic Plan 2021-2026

Strategic Goals:

The strategic goals of the institutionare formulated in a brain storming session involvingthe Management, Principal and Faculty. After analyzing the vision, mission, future goals and SWOC analysis, the strategic goals are set up in all possible growth domains.


Empowering students with competitive aspects of Engineering and Technology through Innovative Teaching-Learning, Applied Research, Nurturing their Career with Entrepreneurial Prospects and thereby moulding them to become good citizens with human values.


  • To inculcate students with knowledge in cutting edge technologies through innovative teaching-learning processes.
  • To impart skills focusing on applied research-oriented learning.
  • To build engineers specialized in technical skills and entrepreneurial skills.
  • To develop great citizens with moral values confronting worldwide challenges.

The new strategic plan has been framed forimplementation from the academic year 2021 onwards for the year as short term and long term goals. The short term goal has to be achieved within 5 years and long term goals within 10 years.

Short Term Goals:

  • 1. To recruit test qualified faculty in all departments.
  • 2. Emphasizing more activities under IIPC.
  • 3. Initiating and accommodating more activities under KAPILA.
  • 4. Fetching funds from the management for eligible internal projects.
  • 5. Organizing more Value Added Courses in association with Centre for Academic courses, Anna University Chennai.
  • 6. Continuous improvements in academic results.
  • 7. Improving participation and certification through SWAYAM.
  • 8. Signing MoU’s with other academic institutions to improve collaborative activities.
  • 9. Aiming at least‘A’ grade in the outcome of NAAC Accreditation process.
  • 10. Implementation of Startup Policies as outlined by AICTE.
  • 11. Incorporating industries with in the academic campus to promote larger activities under the banner of EDC and MHRD - IIC.
  • 12. Receiving awards, medals, recognitions and appreciations through co-curricular and extracurricular activities.
  • 13. To start PG courses and establish recognitions as research center.
  • 14. Applying and receiving grants from funding agencies.
  • 15. Implementation of policies and procedures as per New Educational Policy accepted by state Government.

Long Term Goals:

  • 1. Getting Accreditations from statutory bodies and make the Institution to be eligible for applying Autonomy.
  • 2. NBA Accreditation for all departments.
  • 3. Permanent affiliation for all departments.
  • 4. Incorporating startup companies in association with stake holders.
  • 5. Collaboration with Foreign Universities to improve academic and research activities.
  • 6. To attain the status of Centre of Excellence in Technical Education and Research.

SWOC Analysis:

The institution framed the strategic plan after the NAAC cycle–I accreditation process and as well as the analysis outcome of SWOC.


  • More activities under IIPC
  • Very good experiences staff.
  • Very good academic results.
  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure.
  • Open spaces, lawns and gardens in campus supplement to elevate the grandeur of the environment and provide calm, peaceful and conducive atmosphere for academic pursuits.
  • Festivity campus environment with wide co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.


  • Less amount of funding projects.
  • Less number of faculty with doctoral degree in core departments and industry experiences.
  • The status of Centre of Excellence in Technical Education and Research.


  • New courses in Engineering.
  • Continual education with industries.
  • Innovative teaching and learning


  • New emerging technologies.
  • To get adequate number of full-time PhD students for enhancing research outcomes.
  • To maintain the higher teachers cadre ratio due to due to scarcity of competent Ph.D. holders.
  • Rapid changes in all the disciplines and correspondingly changing expectations from industry and society.