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Members Present:

Er. S. Shanmugam UIT Educational Trust Coimbatore Chairman
Er. S. Mythili Shanmugam Trustee UIT Educational Trust Coimbatore Member
Dr.C A Kailash Kumar Jain Trustee UIT Educational Trust Coimbatore Member
Dr. J.Jeyanthi CIVIL, Associate Professor, GCT, Coimbatore. State Govt. Nominee
Er.R. Mahalingam Founder & Managing Director Netcon Technologies Coimbatore Industrialist
Dr.M.Lakshmi Prabha Principal Government College of Technology Coimbatore University Nominee
Southern Regional Officer AICTE Chennai AICTE Nominee
Dr. Ramachandran V Director, National Institute of Technology, Nagaland Educationalist
Dr. S. Ramkumar Principal, United Institute of Technology Coimbatore Member Secretary
Dr.K.S.Amrithagadeswaran Professor United Institute of Technology Coimbatore Faculty member 1
Dr. C. Saravana Murthi Associate Professor United Institute of Technology Coimbatore Faculty member 2

The following subjects were discussed and resolutions passed.

Sub: 1 Note on confirmation of minutes of the previous meeting of the Governing council.
Resolution:1 Resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on 19.02.2021 be confirmed.
Sub: 2 Note on action taken in respect of subjects discussed at the governing council meeting on 20.02.2022.
Resolution : 2 Recorded
Sub: 3 NAAC submission
Resolution : 3 The members of the governing council insisted the submission of the NAAC documents with the aim of scoring high grade.
Sub: 4 Intake of the current academic year
Resolution : 4 Recorded
Sub: 5 Permanent Affiliation
Resolution : 5 The council was submitted with the proposal for getting permanent affiliation from Anna University, Chennai for ECE and CSE Department.
Sub: 6 Central Assistance
Resolution : 6 The council emphasized to prepare for seeking 12B from UGC against permanent affiliation.
Sub: 7 Intake
Resolution : 7 The committee insisted the admission team through Principal to fill the intake for all the branches.
Sub: 8 Fee concession
Resolution : 8 Students eligibility category is discussed and finalized
Sub : 9 Fee waiver given during the academic year 2021 - 22
Resolution : 9 Recorded
Sub : 10 Hostel
Resolution : 10 The council received updates with respect to hostel facilities
Sub : 11 Seed fund assistance
Resolution : 11 The council approves the proposal seeking financial assistance towards R&D Projects and to attend seminars/workshops/ conferences/FDP's
Sub : 12 AQAR report submission
Resolution : 12 The committee reviewed the report submitted and suggested some improvements
Sub : 13 Research Publications
Resolution : 13 The council insisted that measures are to be taken to improve publication and h-index.
Sub : 14 Faculty recruitment
Resolution : 14 The number of teaching posts cadre wise for the academic year 2023-2024 as per the norms was sanctioned by the committee.
Sub : 15 Salary Increment
Resolution : 15 The committee sanctioned proposal towards salary increment to be given to the teaching and non-teaching members based on their performance and contributions towards developments.
Sub : 16 Celebrations
Resolution : 16 The council granted permission to celebrate functions like Annual day, Sports Day and other similar events on suitable dates in an exuberant manner
Sub : 17 Centre for Upskilling and Empowerment
Resolution : 17 The council accepted the representation to upgrade the Training and Placement department and also accepted to change its name as Centre for Upskilling and Empowerment