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Time :10.00 a.m / Date :21st Feb 2021

Members Present:

Er. S. Shanmugam UIT Educational Trust, Coimbatore. Chairman
Er. S. Mythili Shanmugam Trustee, UIT Educational Trust, Coimbatore Member
Sri. A. Sengodan Trustee, UIT Educational Trust, Coimbatore. Member
Dr. J.Jeyanthi, CIVIL, Associate Professor, GCT, Coimbatore State Govt. Nominee
Er. P. Prabakaran, Executive Director, LGB, Coimbatore. Industrialist
Dr. Ramachandran V Director, National Institute of Technology, Nagaland. Educationalist
Dr.M.Lakshmi Prabha Principal, Government College of Technology, Coimbatore. University Nominee
Southern Regional Officer, AICTE, Chennai AICTE Nominee
Dr. K.S.Amirthagadeswaran Principal, United Institute of Technology, Coimbatore. Member Secretary
Mr. C. Saravana Murthi Assistant Professor, United Institute of Technology, Coimbatore. Faculty member 1
Ms.P.Sindhuja Assistant Professor, United Institute of Technology, Coimbatore Faculty member 2

The following members could not be present due to unavoidable reasons: Nil

The following subjects were discussed and resolutions passed.

Sub: 1 Note on confirmation of minutes of the previous meeting of the Governing council.
Resolution:1 Resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on 21.02.2021 be confirmed.
Sub: 2 Note on action taken in respect of subjects discussed at the governing council meeting on 16.02.2020.
Resolution : 2 Recorded
Sub: 3 New UG Course for the academic year 2021-2022 to AICTE approval.
Resolution : 3 It has been resolved to apply for the following New UG Courses for the academic year 2022-2023 to AICTE approval. B.Tech. Information Technology
Sub: 4 Intake of the current academic year
Resolution : 4 Recorded
Sub: 5 Proposal for implementation of 2021 regulation
Resolution : 5 Commencement and execution of 2021 regulation is discussed and the council expresses to sort out the academic issues if any for the previous regulation.
Sub: 6 Feedback from stake holders
Resolution : 6 The council encourages the faculty to use technology enabled tools to enhance the teaching-learning process. The decision was taken Resolution : 6 The council encourages the faculty to use technology enabled tools to enhance the teaching-learning process. The decision was taken after due deliberations on feedback survey from the stake holders.
Sub: 7 Celebrations
Resolution : 7 The council grants permission to celebrate the college day and sports day in a suitable date.
Sub: 8 Fee concession
Resolution : 8 Students eligibility category is discussed and finalized
Sub : 9 Fee waiver given during the academic year 2020 - 21
Resolution : 9 Recorded
Sub : 10 Hostel
Resolution : 10 The council received updates with respect to hostel facilities
Sub : 11 Seed fund assistance
Resolution : 11 The council approves the proposal to allocate seed funds to eligible projects proposed by Faculty and students
Sub : 12 AQAR report submission
Resolution : 12 The committee reviewed the report submitted and suggested some improvements
Sub : 13 Strategic planning
Resolution : 13 The strategic planning for the years 2021-26 was discussed