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Time :10.00 a.m / Date :16th Feb 2020

Members Present:

Er. S. Shanmugam UIT Educational Trust, Coimbatore. Chairman
Er. S. Mythili Shanmugam Trustee, UIT Educational Trust, Coimbatore Member
Dr. J.Jeyanthi, CIVIL, Associate Professor, GCT, Coimbatore State Govt. Nominee
Dr.M.Lakshmi Prabha Principal, Government College of Technology, Coimbatore. University Nominee
Er. P. Prabakaran, Executive Director, LGB, Coimbatore. Industrialist
Dr. K.S.Amirthagadeswaran, Principal, United Institute of Technology Member Secretary
Mr. C. Saravana Murthi Assistant Professor, United Institute of Technology, Coimbatore. Faculty member 1
Ms.P.Sindhuja Assistant Professor, United Institute of Technology, Coimbatore Faculty member 2

The following members could not be present due to unavoidable reasons:

Sri. A. Sengodan Trustee, UIT Educational Trust, Coimbatore. Member

The following subjects were discussed and resolutions passed.

Sub: 1 Note on confirmation of minutes of the previous meeting of the Governing council.
Resolution:1 Resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on 16.02.2020 be confirmed.
Sub: 2 Note on action taken in respect of subjects discussed at the governing council meeting on 17.02.2019
Resolution : 2 Recorded
Sub: 3 Proposal for Additional Course / intake
Resolution : 3 After due deliberations, it has been resolved to apply for the following New UG Courses for the academic year 2020-2021 to AICTE approval.
  • B.Tech - Artificial Intelligence and Data Sciences
  • B.E – Computer Science Engineering (Cyber Security)
  • B.E – Robotics and Automation
Sub: 4 Proposal for closure of Courses
Resolution : 4 After understandable discussions, it has been decided to closure for the following UG Courses from the academic year 2020-2021 and the same will be forwarded to AICTE for approval.
  • B.E – Civil Engineering
  • B.E – Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • B.E – Mechanical Engineering
Sub: 5 Feedback analysis
Resolution : 5 It is decided to provide more concentration in knowledge enhancement areas like value added courses, Incubation center,etc
Sub: 6 College commemoration
Resolution : 6 The council grants permission to celebrate the college day, sports day and other related days in suitable dates.
Sub: 7 The fee concession based on the cutoff marks provided to the students – continuation status – ratification
Resolution : 7 It has been resolved and ratified that UIT will continue to offer tuition fee waiver scheme based on the cutoff marks scored by the students.
Sub: 8 Note on fee waiver given during the academic year 2019-20
Resolution : 8 Recorded
Sub : 9 Proposal to Cafeteria extension
Resolution : 9 In view of the forthcoming admission and the increase in total student strength of the college, the council has resolved and ratified the proposal to extend the area size of Cafeteria.
Sub : 10 Reforming of Vision and Mission for the Institution
Resolution : 10 The Institution Vision, Mission and as well as Department Vision, Missions to be modified based on current scenario. The proposal and approval will be made soon
Sub : 11 Online software’s
Resolution : 11 The council ensures the usage of e- governance tools
Sub: 12 Financial Assistance for faculty to participate/attend Seminars/Workshops/Conferences
Resolution: 12 The governing board approved to extend the financial assistance
Sub: 13 Establishment of Incubation Centre
Resolution: 13 The committee extend their interest to establish new center of Excellence
Sub: 14 Financial Assistance for Student and Faculty to undergo project
Resolution: 14 The council accepted to offer seed funds to execute joint projects handled by students and faculty members.
Sub: 15 Submission of AQAR report of previous academic year
Resolution: 15 Management reviewed the AQAR report for the academic year 2019-20. The committee suggested IQAC coordinator for improvements.