Chief Advisor Dr.K.S.Amirthagadeswaran, Principal
Advisor Prof. Edwin Joseph Raj. D, Vice – Principal

WEC is a cell made more responsive and gender sensitive to women’s needs, especially in cases of domestic violence and personal assault. WEC empowers women to face the present challenges by providing tools and techniques that help to eliminate individual stress. A sense of community spirit is created that allows women to face these challenges as a team rather than individually. The goal of Women Empowerment is to bring about the advancement, development and empowerment of women. The Women Empowerment Cell encourages women to find practical solutions to their challenges so that each one becomes self-dependent in their own right. The responsibility of the Women Empowerment Cell is to follow the Mandatory Guide lines and directions of the Anna University, Chennai, regarding the security arrangements for Girl Students and Women staff of our Institution



  • Evolve all possible strategies for empowering women in not only socio cultural aspects but also in holistic way towards the betterment of the society.
  • To educate the establishment towards gender sensitization
  • To help women students understand their strength and potential


S.No. Name Designation Contact
1. Mythili S Chair person 09965555762
2. Gokila D Member 09942211006
3. Sridevi K Member 09047053400
4. Nanthini K Member 09789500481
5. Deena D Member 09751414798


Women Empowerment Cell was inaugurated at UIT on 08 March 2012

  • Dr. Asha Rao, M/s. Rao hospital, Coimbatore delivered an informative speech on the topic,” Awareness On Women’s health” on 08 March 2012.
  • Conducted “Varna” ,a rangoli competition on 12 January 2013 in which Indian Tradition and Values were highlighted.
  • Women Empowerment Cell celebrated Second International Women’s Day on 08 March 2013 with an energetic talk on “Penmai Velga” by Ms.S.Malathi, MA, Bed, HM, Panchayat Union Middle School, Karamadai.
  • In 2014, Dr.K.Sangeetha enlightened the students with a special talk on “Awareness on Anemia” which is the need of the hour.
  • In 2015, Smt. Andal Priyadarshini Head of Programme, Doordarshan Kendra, Coimbatore gave an inspiring talk on “penn sakthiyum , urimaiyum”.
  • A one day awareness program on self defense techniques was conducted on 31.10.2015 for the faculty.
  • Four wheeler Driving classes by a woman trainer are being conducted to both interested students and faculty which indirectly imbibes self confidence in them.
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