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Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department was established in the academic year 2009 – 2010. The department offers an undergraduate programme in Bachelor of Engineering with the highly qualified and competent faculty members in the areas of Power Electronics and Drives, Embedded system, Control and instrumentation and Power System. The course provides ample knowledge in the main fields of power engineering, control systems and electronics.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering is a dynamic and exciting discipline which will continue to serve the needs of society through the economic and responsible exploitation of existing technology and the development of innovative ideas. To meet the needs and challenges, the department in UIT has a firm commitment to develop and produce stalwart electrical engineers of high technical knowledge combined with leadership skills, decision making, design capabilities and problem solving.


To impart quality education to students to meet the growing global challenges of engineering industries by educating students to become exemplary electrical and electronics engineers of high ethics.


The electrical and electronics engineering department supports the mission of the college through high quality teaching, research and services that provide students a supportive environment. The department will make the best effort to promote intellectual, ethical and technological environment to students.
  •   B.E Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The Department of EEE believes in providing the best hands-on experience with the help of well equipped laboratories. Our laboratories are highly modernized to reflect the rapidly changing trends in technology and have all necessary facilities aimed at providing better practical knowledge to the students. Some of the laboratories are listed below.

Electrical Machines Laboratory

Electrical Machines Lab provides the essential facilities to the students to augment their concepts about the fundamentals of transformers and rotating machines.

The lab is equipped with DC series/shunt motor, compound motor, single-phase induction motor, single-phase transformer, three-phase induction motor, three-phase synchronous motor and three-phase transformer.

Control system Laboratory

Control system Lab is a major engineering discipline that is extended to various fields like medicine, biology, sociology etc due to the universality of the principle of control system.

Realizing the need, the dept has provided a lab for control system.

Power Electronics Laboratory

The power electronics lab enhances the EEE students by providing them the better understanding of the concepts and working of advanced power semiconductor devices and power electronic circuits

Measurements and Instrumentation Laboratory

The advancement of science and technology is dependent upon a parallel progress in measurements techniques. To keep ourselves updated in modern developments and technologies a practical knowledge of measurements and measurements systems is essential.

Power System Simulation Laboratory

Power System Simulation laboratory is provided with 60 PCs with software technical packages like PSCAD, ETAP, MATLAB to carry out various laboratory work, research and training in the areas of Power Quality, Power System Operation and Optimization, Analog and Digital Protection, Power System Automation and Control, Distribution System Analysis, Economic Operation of Power System and Power System Communication.

Engineering Practice Laboratory

Engineering Practice Laboratory is equipped with wiring components, Energy measuring instrument, Megger with Power measuring technique, Waveform measuring instruments, Basic gates, PCB Design and Soldering Methodology.



To achieve our Management Mission and Vision the ATMEL MCU CENTER was inaugurated and MoU Signed by ATMEL INDIA DIRECTOR Mr.K.SENTHIL VISWANATHAN on November 9, 2013.

The only objective of the ATMEL MCU CENTER is to make our students as industry ready engineer to bridge the gap between Industry and the Educational systems. We are offering, our circuit branch students to handle the Industry Research projects in our campus.


We have been consistently working through our R&D lab to achieve our Institution mission to provide analytical and research oriented technical education to the students.

In collaboration with the Sypher Dynamics, United States, we are doing research projects in the field of MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) and various ARM Processors and Embedded systems. Our Students are using all type of the ATMEL Corporation products to get the embedded field knowledge in various areas.

ATMEL Corporation sponsored KITS are:

  •   AT-Xmega 128A1 Kits
  •   AVR Dragon Programmer and Debugger
  •   AT SAM4L Kits
M. Santhosh Kumar

B.E., M.E.
Assistant Professor


B.E., M.E.
Assistant Professor

V. Saranya

B.E., M.E.
Assistant Professor


B.E., M.E.
Assistant Professor

P.G.R. Karthikeyan

B.E., M.Tech.
Assistant Professor

A S Sharanya

B.E., M.E.
Assistant Professor


B.E., M.E.
Assistant Professor


B.E., M.E.
Assistant Professor

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