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Department of Civil Engineering of United Institute of Technology is started in the year 2010. The department has been imparting quality education to meet the technological advancement and industrial requirements.

Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including works like roads, bridges, canals, dams, and buildings .

In order to deliver the Programmes, the Department is well equipped with excellent laboratories, CAD Lab, Department Libraries etc. United Institute of Technology has a passion for preparing the Civil Engineering profession for tomorrow’s world.


To work towards its motto of making every student "Readily employable" with ethics and innovation.


  • To impart high quality education, technical competency through motivating, monitoring, inculcating ethics t serve the society.
  • To develop a nodal research centre, consultancy through state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructures.
  •   B.E Civil Engineering
  •   M.E Structural Engineering
Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

The objective of Fluid Mechanics Laboratory is to experiments on flow patterns, velocity profile in an air pipe, wind tunnel calibration, draining of a tank, pipe friction, drag forces, boundary- layer studies, falling-ball experiments, and measurements of fluid properties.

Fluid mechanics lab is equipped with centrifugal pump, gear oil pump, reciprocating pump and turbines such as Francis turbine, Pelton turbine and Kaplan turbine.

Strength of Materials Laboratory

The objective of the strength of materials lab is to demonstrate the basic principles in the area of strength and mechanics of materials and structural analysis to the undergraduate and Post graduate students through a series of experiments.


Tests such as the tension tests of a steel coupon, torsion of model circular sections and bending of a steel bar are conducted in the lab. Model truss and frames are also employed to illustrate the theory in structural analysis and the basic plastic theory of bending.

Survey Laboratory

The Survey lab is well equipped with all survey instruments to facilitate the students to carry out all types of land surveys. The planning and design of all Civil Engineering projects such as construction of highways, bridges, tunnels, dams etc are based upon surveying measurements. Other principal works in which surveying is primarily utilized are

  •   To chart coastlines, navigable streams and lakes
  •   To establish control points
  •   To execute hydrographic and oceanographic charting and mapping
  •   To prepare topographic map of land surface of the earth.
Concrete and Highway Engineering Laboratory

The objective of this laboratory is to provide an environment for students to examine some basic properties of construction material such as concrete and steel reinforcement. Through various experiments the properties of both fresh and hardened concrete will be examined thoroughly.

To study the strength, performance and behavior of cement, concrete, self compacting concrete, Aggregate, Bitumen etc., and to take-up consultancy. It is also have Equipments to perform Non destructive Testing such as Rebound Hammer etc.

Environmental Engineering Laboratory

The objective of the Environmental Engineering lab is to know the characteristics of water, waste water and solid waste by performing various test like COD, BOD, Spectrophotometer analysis etc,. It is also with equipments like colony counter, autoclave to perform microbiological study.

The laboratory set up is to perform physical, chemical and biological water quality experiments. The students also learn how to implement unit processes (sedimentation, filtration, flocculation/coagulation, and disinfection) to design a treatment train that produces drinking water up to Indian standards.

Soil Mechanics Laboratory

The Soil Mechanics lab is well equipped with all necessary testing facilities to study the Engineering and Index properties of various types of soil and various in-situ tests like Standard penetration test (SPT).

The primary goal of this laboratory is to introduce junior and senior level undergraduate students to Geotechnical Engineering and the basic principles of soil mechanics. Students conduct standard laboratory experiments to classify soil and determine the mechanical properties such as permeability, compaction, consolidation, and strength.

Structural Engineering Laboratory

Testing of structural models is carried out in structural engineering laboratory, complete with heavy duty loading floor, cranes, and access galleries below the floor. The laboratory has special provisions for the maintenance of constant temperature and humidity. It is equipped with extensive jacking, loading, and strain measuring apparatus.

PG Course
Dr. M.K.Saseetharan


A Harini

B.E., M.E.
Assistant Professor

S. Kalaiyarasi

B.E., M.E.
Assistant Professor

UG Course
R. Ravindranath Chandra

B.E., M.E.
Associate Professor

S. Shanmugam

B.E., M.S.
Assistant Professor

D. Lavanya

B.E., M.E.
Assistant Professor

M. Kasthuri

B.E., M.E.
Assistant Professor

V. Prabhakaran

B.E., M.E.
Assistant Professor

M Lingaeswari

B.E., M.E.
Assistant Professor

M Dinesh

B.E., M.E.
Assistant Professor

S Akila

B.E., M.E.
Assistant Professor

R Nirmala

B.E., M.E.
Assistant Professor

R Sooriya Deepa

B.E., M.E.
Assistant Professor

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